Numeracy across learning

A girl using a measuring jug

Numeracy across learning provides essential analytic, problem solving and decision making skills across the curriculum. The numeracy across learning experiences and outcomes are a subset of those found in the mathematics curriculum area.

Principles and practice

The principles and practice document is essential reading for teachers as they begin and then develop their work with the statements of experiences and outcomes.

Experiences and outcomes - numeracy across learning

All curriculum areas contribute to the totality of the experiences that make up the new curriculum.

Financial education

Resources and ideas for developing young people's financial capability, from early years to 18, enhancing life chances and helping them become responsible citizens and effective contributors to society.

Support materials


Explore the latest findings of the Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy and a range of new professional learning resources.

Responsibility of all

Numeracy across learning is one of the three areas which are the responsibility of all staff.

The others are:

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