Principles and practice - sciences

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Science and the appliance of science are central to our economic future, and to our health and wellbeing as individuals and as a society. 

The principles and practice document is essential reading for teachers as they start working with the experiences and outcomes for the sciences.

Experiences and outcomes

All curriculum areas contribute to the totality of the experiences that make up the new curriculum. You can download the experiences and outcomes for the sciences.

National Qualifications

An introduction to the sciences section of National Qualifications with links to information on how they are changing.

Assessing progress and achievement: Sciences

This resource outlines significant aspects of learning and describes what breadth, challenge and application look like to support practitioners in assessing learners' progress in sciences.

Support materials

Important news

Responsibility of all

All staff have a responsibility to develop, reinforce and extend learning in the following areas.

3-18 Curriculum impact series

Information about the series and links to reports for curriculum areas.

STEM Central
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