Sharing practice

The case studies in this section provide staff with exemplars of how some schools in Scotland are implementing the modern languages experiences and outcomes under Curriculum for Excellence.

Within each of these studies you can find innovative teaching methods, video clips of good practice and numerous support materials for your own use.

These are by no means prescriptive teaching models for the curriculum but are provided to offer you inspiring illustrations of innovative practices that are already being used in Scottish schools today.

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  1. In June 2014, 'leaders of languages' were invited to a conversation day to discuss the decline in uptake in modern languages in the senior phase, and promote ideas for innovation and motivation for learners.

  2. Pilot projects evaluating the introduction of the Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach.

  3. This case study and the accompanying film clips demonstrate how local authority, Highland Council, has adapted their MLPS training programme.

  4. A case study which looks at a critical skills approach to modern languages teaching. This approach provided opportunities for learners to engage in discussions, to learn collaboratively and comment constructively, identifying aspects for improvement.

  5. Workshops and film clips from the conference highlighting effective teaching and learning.

  6. This project uses a selection of videos to show how St Thomas of Aquins High School, Edinburgh and its associated primary schools collaborate to ensure a smooth and coherent transition from P7 to S1.

  7. To deepen the understanding of what young people are expected to learn by raising awareness of other languages frameworks (in this case CEFR and Languages Ladder).

  8. Judit Munso from Lossiemouth High School writes about her experiences on a Critical Skills course she attended and how she applied the techniques in her classroom.