Gaelic (Learners)

Principles and practice

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Learning Gaelic as an additional language contributes to learners’ wider education and life experiences.

The principles and practice document is essential reading for teachers as they start working with the experiences and outcomes for Gaelic (Learners).

Experiences and outcomes

All curriculum areas contribute to the totality of the experiences that make up the new curriculum. You can download the experiences and outcomes for Gaelic (Learners).

National Qualifications

Information and support on Gaelic (Learners) National Qualifications.

Assessing progress and achievement: Gaelic (Learners)

This resource outlines significant aspects of learning and describes what breadth, challenge and application look like to support practitioners in assessing learners’ progress in Gaelic (learners).

Support materials

Briefings on Gaelic Education

The briefings are designed to provide an update of our support for Gaelic Medium and Learner Education as well as learning about Gaelic as part of Scotland’s identity. Briefings also provide updates from our partners.

Responsibility of all

All staff have a responsibility to develop, reinforce and extend learning in the following areas.

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