Twig on Glow

Twig on Glow is a video-based resource for use by teachers and children that presents the key learning points for 8-14 year olds within engaging real-life contexts, for

  • the four science disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics and earth science
  • mathematics
  • human geography

Twig on Glow contains more than 1,500 short films, created for second, third and fourth levels, with curriculum links and a keyword search.

Watch a few of the videos here:

Big Bang evidence

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Fractional distillation

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Structure of the earth

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What is DNA?

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What is sound?

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The Twig on Glow films, have been researched and written by academics, producers, scientists and mathematicians and are supported by teaching and learning packs with diagrams and quizzes.

Twig on Glow can be used in many different ways to support the experiences and outcomes as well as other areas of Curriculum for Excellence.

It forms a visual encyclopedia of engaging three-minute videos that will help enrich the teaching and learning experience.

Twig on Glow was formerly called Glow Science.


  • Twig on Glow

    Twig on Glow has hundreds of films with supporting materials for 8-14 year olds with engaging real-life contexts in sciences, maths and human geography. (Glow login required).

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