The Unreal Development Kit (UDK)


Suitable for ages 15+

UDK whizzlegame screen

Many learners are exposed, nearly every day, to a world of high resolution, life-like graphics and sound in the computer and console games that they play. These visually stunning games require professional level tools and a wide variety of skills to produce.  The Unreal Development Kit is just one example of the free professional level games design tools which are available to learners and teachers.


Using appropriate software, I can work individually or collaboratively to design and implement a game, animation or other application.

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Screenshot of UDK interface

Games design requires as wide range of skills: from creative writing, artistic direction, audio capture and creation, 3D design, programming, testing and many, many more. Think of a group of learners each working to his/her own strengths, each engaged in an activity that he/she has selected and which contributes to the production of a finished game. The modular construction of UDK facilitates this development by allowing each element of the game to be developed independently and then imported to create the final product.

By learning the basic principles of a programming language or control technology, I can design a solution to a scenario, implement it and evaluate its success.

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UDK provide a visual scripting control language, called Kismet, which allows complex in game conditions and actions to be generated using a drag-and-drop approach.  A visual approach to controlling the game environment enables learners to develop a logical understanding of the 'programming environment' without the difficulties of a complex language syntax.

I can create graphics and animations using appropriate software which utilise my skills and knowledge of the application.

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Matinee is UDK’s animation tool. It supports a wide variety of animation techniques, including the use of keyframes and tweening, with Kismet, allows these to be linked to game events to create sophisticated interactions in game.

Graphics from 3D applications, such as Google Sketchup or Blender, can be imported into UDK and surfaces can be textured using graphics generated in 2D programmes such Paint.Net or Pinta.

FaceFX is a character animation tool which is also part of the Unreal Development Kit.  It allows users to create realistic facial animation from audio files so that character animations match the dialogue they are speaking.

I can use features of software to create my own animation which can then be used to create an animated sequence.

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