Mac and PC

Screenshot from Scratch space game

Scratch has been developed by the Lifelong Learning Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is a platform that promotes mathematical and computational skills as well as creativity, reasoning and collaborative working.

Scratch can be used to make a number of multimedia applications such as games, animations, simulations, stories and art. 

Every object (sprite) that is used in a scratch project can have one or more scripts attached to it.   These scripts add behaviours to sprites and allow them to act in anyway the user feels suitable in context to the project.

The scripts are made up of building blocks that are grouped by category, such as control, motion and sensing. There is very little keyboard input required by the user as all the script blocks are dragged to the scripting area with the mouse and ‘clicked’ together like lego.

Screenshot from Scratch trampoline game

All sprites and backgrounds can be created by the user using the built-in paint editor. However, Scratch also allows users to bring in content from other sources. For example, images you have scanned, photographed or taken from the web. It also comes with a library of sprites and backgrounds to get you started quickly.

Music and sound effects are just as flexible. Either use the built sounds, record your own from within Scratch or use sounds you have created with another program.


LTS blogs

  • Chirp blog

    This blog shares information on experimenting with the Scratch source code to define your own procedures and functions.

Other websites

  • Scratched

    Connect with other teachers over the world to learn and share experiences with Scratch at the ScratchEd site.

  • Lego WeDo Sensors

    Scratch can be used with external sensors such as Lego WeDo Sensors.

  • Scratch sensor boards

    Scratch can be used with Sensor Boards.

  • Scratch for Second Life

    S4SL is based on Scratch, a graphical programming language that lets you construct programs by snapping together graphical blocks.

  • Scratch for OpenSim

    A version of Scratch for OpenSim which can be used with Mac, Windows and Linux.