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Screenshot from 2DIY

2DIY is a creative media application that empowers young learners to create interactive activities, games, puzzles and quizzes. Initially, users choose the type of activity they want to make and then customise that activity by creating their own images and audio. Then they have the opportunity to adjust a few settings such as what keys will be used to control a character on screen.

As learners progress, they can adjust more settings such as speed by changing some of the code that powers the program via a simple interface.

Screenshot from 2DIY

2DIY is an ideal program to introduce young learners to computer game design as it allows them to be creative and successful right from the start without having to deal with computer code.  It means they can focus on the purpose of the game or activity they are creating.  2DIY removes the barriers to game design and gives learners the space to consider all the elements that make games challenging, fun and exciting.

All games and activities that are created with 2DIY can be easily exported as Flash files that can be uploaded to your school website, blog or Glow.


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