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The Consolarium

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Since 2006 Education Scotland's game-based learning initiative, The Consolarium, has been working with teachers across Scotland to explore and share just how the appropriate use of computer games can have a positive impact on teaching and learning. More recently, it has been encouraging pupils to become creators - not just consumers - of games with a game design initiative.

What the Consolarium offers

  • The Consolarium is a centre where education managers, head-teachers and teachers can visit in order to try out a range of computer games and game design technologies in order to discuss the relevance and practical application of them in their schools.
  • There is a team of Development Officers who work with schools on agreed projects and who can offer support to deliver CPD events and even to speak to parent groups.
  • Education Scotland can loan to schools to support their shared projects a range of game based resources that include games and consoles for example, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Sony PS3 and Xbox360.
  • The team share what is happening in schools, through a variety of channels. Teachers can collaborate using the Glow group and share the resources and experiences they have with their game based learning and game design classroom practice.

Education Scotland has developed partnerships with local authorities and established links with many Teacher Education Institutes and where appropriate, with industry partners.  Our research in this area is contributing towards the growing body of evidence to support game based learning.

Education Scotland are currently working with schools on a number of game design projects and investigating the impact of other technologies such as virtual worlds and mobile learning.


  • Consolarium National Glow Group

    Interested in Games Based Learning? Got some ideas of your own? Then join in and help your colleagues develop their expertise in this area.
  • Glow - Games in Action

    Find out more about how schools have been using Game Based Learning at the Games in Action Group.

  • Glow - Game Design

    Discuss, share and find out more about game design at the Game design Glow Group.

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