Knowledge of Language


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Introducing Scots

Scots is a language in its own right and is spoken by 1.6 million people in Scotland today.

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Dialects of Scots

The Scots language is rich in dialects including Glaswegian, Doric, Ayrshire, Shetland and others.

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Scots and literacy

Scots is now an important part of Curriculum for Excellence. Find out how this language is helping to improve literacy.

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Scots for active schools

Hear how pupils and teachers are engaging with Scots through activities and songs.

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Robert Burns

Robert Burns is a world-renowned poet who wrote in Scots. His poetry can still inspire great creativity in today’s young writers.

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A guid listen

A selection of Scots songs, poems, stories and nursery rhymes for enjoyment and study.

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Writing in Scots

Some tips and guidelines to help new Scots writers find their own writing style.