Inspection of Aberdeen Waldorf School, Aberdeen 22/04/14

The kindergarten, school and Council of Management should take action to ensure improvement in:

  • leadership and management, including clear lines of responsibility and accountability for improving learning and teaching;
  • children’s learning experiences and how well their needs are met in the kindergarten; and
  • implementing consistently behaviour management and care and welfare policies.

What happens at the end of the inspection?

As a result of our inspection findings we think that the school and kindergarten need to make necessary improvements. Education Scotland has referred this report to the Registrar of Independent Schools. As a result, Scottish Ministers have imposed conditions on the registration of the school and kindergarten.

In light of the Council of Management's recent announcement that the school and kindergarten will close at end of this academic year, Education Scotland will continue to work with the school and will support the smooth transition of pupils to new schools.

Editors' note

Copies of the full published letter and the quality indicators (as applicable) are available on the school's report page on the Education Scotland website.

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