Inspection and review

Principles of inspection and review

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Find out about the principles which HM Inspectors are committed to.

Key documents

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Access the key documents used in inspection and review together with the latest advice.

Future approaches to inspection and review

Information on the review to develop the future approaches to inspection and review.

School consultations

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Information on Education Scotland’s role in the school consultation process and how to access our reports.

Changes to Education Scotland inspections in August 2016

Letter from Bill Maxwell, CEO of Education Scotland, outlining the new approaches to inspections.

PDF file: Changes to Education Scotland inspections in August 2016 (105 KB)

New approaches to inspection

You may be aware that following extensive consultation, Education Scotland tried out some new approaches to inspection in a sample of schools, and other establishments and services in the course of the academic session 2015-16.

You can read more about the consultation and what we tried out on the Future of inspection and review pages.

From the feedback we received and taking into account recent developments in education, we are introducing a menu of approaches to inspection from August 2016. These approaches will be introduced in a phased way.  You can read more about this in Dr Maxwell’s letter above.

About inspection and review

Information on and supporting materials for inspection and review.

Examples of Sector Leading and Innovative Practice (SLIP) and Excellence from Scotland's Colleges.
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