Multi-agency working

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Multi-agency working is about addressing the needs of learners using an integrated approach with education establishments and the wider community.

The entitlement to support states: 'All establishments will work with a range of partners to address the needs of all children and young people and provide motivating and challenging opportunities, particularly for those who may require more choices, more chances. Action to address the needs of learners requires an integrated approach across children's and young people's services with strong links to community learning and development and community regeneration.

'Wherever a child or young person of compulsory school age may be undertaking learning activities, the school retains the responsibility for planning, with its partners, the most appropriate educational provision for that child or young person and for ensuring that his or her development and progress are regularly reviewed. Partner organisations will need to share an understanding of the experiences and outcomes to which they are contributing.'

Meeting the ambitions for the curriculum involves pre-school centres and schools working in learning partnerships to provide a coherent package of learning and support based around the individual learner and in the context of local needs and circumstances.

The framework for the curriculum needs to provide scope for partners to plan appropriate learning and teaching to meet the challenges young people will encounter.

Partnership working is an important element in curriculum planning. Partners are referred to at various points; the term should be interpreted widely to include all those who can contribute to delivery of the experiences and outcomes and development of the four capacities.

It will include, for example:

  • further education colleges
  • Skills Development Scotland
  • youth work staff
  • health professionals
  • voluntary sector providers
  • training providers
  • children's services staff
  • parents
  • employers
  • community learning staff.

Those involved in planning the curriculum will need to integrate support with learning. There will be a significant but important challenge for schools, colleges and other agencies to work in partnership to achieve this.

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