NQ Higher Biology


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Biology Higher covers all of the major themes of biology (cells, evolution, genetics, homeostasis, energy and ecosystems) and builds on previous learning. It allows learners to develop a deeper understanding of the underlying themes of biology: evolution and adaptation, structure and function, genotype and niche.

Learning and teaching

In this section you will find resources that can be downloaded and adapted, and which are suitable for both teachers and learners.

Metabolism and Survival

The central metabolic pathways of ATP synthesis by respiration. Adaptations for maintaining metabolism in widely different niches. Environmental and genetic control of metabolism in microorganisms.

DNA and the Genome

Through the study of DNA and the genome, this Unit explores the molecular basis of evolution and biodiversity.

Sustainability and interdependence

The complex interdependence between organisms is explored through food production, interrelationships and biodiversity.

Advanced Higher materials

Resources are also available for the 2012 Revised Advanced Higher Biology qualification. 


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