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Act globally

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No one country can hope to resolve climate change alone. Scotland is a small country, responsible for a tiny fraction of world’s greenhouse gas emissions, but we have a responsibility as a developed nation to take a lead and inspire others through our actions.

Join a campaign

There are numerous national and international campaigns that you, your friends and your school can get involved in.

Stop Climate Chaos coalition, the ever-growing coalition of more than 50 organisations, that aims to mobilise public concern, and through this the necessary political action, to stop climate chaos.

10:10 campaign – global campaign to reduce emissions by 10% each year from 2010. – an international campaign to keep carbon dioxide levels below 350 parts per million.

Unite for climate – entry point into the youth world of climate action.

The United Nations Environment Programme TUNZA for Youth aims to ‘foster a generation of environmentally conscious citizens who will better influence decision-making processes and act responsibly to create a sustainable world’. The word ‘TUNZA’ means ‘to treat with care or affection’ in Kiswahili, a sub-regional language of Eastern Africa.

The Global Youth Action Network (GYAN) is a youth-led organisation that unites the efforts of young people working to improve our world. The Network connects many thousands of organisations in over 190 countries.