Setting up a debating society

Picture of young people talking

As well as being a powerful classroom tool, debating is a fun and educational extra-curricular activity. A debating society is the perfect way to focus interest in debating and can play a leading part in the school’s culture.

Why set up a debating society?

A debating society is a great way to focus interest in debating in a school and is beneficial for a number of reasons. Debating societies:

  • promote communication and advocacy skills
  • encourage critical and creative thinking abilities
  • benefit the wider school culture
  • enhance the reputation of the school both locally and nationally
  • engage with the local community.

As well as these benefits, students can play an active role in running and promoting the debating society within the school. This can help them take on leadership roles at an early age. Once a debating society is fully established, many school debating societies look to enter competitions.