Competitive debating

Championship team 2007

Debating competitions are a great way for pupils to meet students from other schools, and can really help raise a school's profile.

For the individual, competitive debating improves self-confidence, speaking and listening skills and increases their awareness of social and environmental issues.

Many school debating societies begin to enter competitions when they have become established within their school. Competitions are a good way to put the skills learnt within a debating society to the test. They are also a lot of fun!

There are many debating competitions that a school debating society can enter. Some are aimed at junior pupils (S1-S3) and some at senior (S4 and above); some are local and some are national.

Many competitions build in workshop days to help new schools acclimatise and almost all have specialist judges adjudicating the debate. This means that the feedback the pupils get (win or lose) can help them improve as public speakers and as debaters.