Developing practice

Facilitating CLD practitioners to share practice is a key feature of a community learning and development approach to professional development.

The Scottish Government, supported by Education Scotland, set up a WALT (Working and Learning Together) Challenge Fund to provide an opportunity for local CLD partnerships to develop ideas to improve practice. 

Seventeen projects received funding from 2008 to 2011 to promote the three national priorities for CLD:

  • Achievement through learning for adults.
  • Achievement through learning for young people.
  • Achievement through building community capacity.

More details of the individual projects are available on the Working and Learning Together blog.

Making an impact: CLD Case studies (2010) provides 15 examples that demonstrate the impact of community learning and development on achieving agreed local and national outcomes and illustrate effective practice that will be useful in professional development.

Scottish Government also publishes the guidelines on self evaluation for CLD practitioners: Effective Self-Evaluation in Community Learning and Development (CLD): A guide for practitioners and managers as a support to the document How Good is Our Community Learning and Development? 2.

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