Policy and guidance for community capacity building

The Scottish policy context for building community capacity is found in the Working and Learning Together to Build Stronger Communities (WALT) guidance.

Policy context

WALT identifies ‘achievement through building community capacity’ as one of the three national priorities for CLD. It describes the process as ‘building community capacity and influence by enabling individuals, groups and communities to develop the confidence, understanding and skills required to influence decision making and service delivery. This could include enabling communities to provide and manage services to meet community needs.’

In 2008, the Scottish Government and COSLA produced a joint statement on CLD to build on Working and Learning Together. This reaffirmed the importance of community capacity building and talks about 'people working together to make lasting change in their communities'.

Working and Learning Together to Build Stronger Communities, the Scottish Government's Guidance on Community Learning and Development (CLD), recognises building community capacity as one of the three national priorities for CLD. The Scottish Government and COSLA issued a Joint Statement on CLD in November 2008 that sets out the key role of CLD in building the capacity of communities.

The Scottish Community Empowerment Action Plan - Celebrating Success: Inspiring Change supports community capacity building as a critical step in laying the foundations to community empowerment.

The Early Years Framework places strong emphasis on supporting the capacity of children, families and communities to secure positive outcomes for themselves and provide a supportive environment for children and families.

Achieving our Potential: a framework to tackle poverty and income inequality in Scotland recognises that a key component of tackling poverty involves building the capacity of individuals and families to lift themselves out of poverty.

Guide to community capacity building (2007) brings together frameworks, tools and other materials that may be helpful for community learning and development practitioners in taking forward their role in building community capacity.

Strategic guidance

  • CLD strategic guidance

    Guidance for all those involved in planning, managing or delivering CLD services or using a CLD approach to support individuals and communities.