Aims of the strategic guidance

CLD strategic guidance diagram

The community learning and development strategic guidance was published in June 2012.

The guidance provides a clear statement that the purpose of community learning and development (CLD) is to empower people, individually and collectively, to make positive changes in their lives and in their communities through learning.

It sets out the focus for CLD within the National Performance Framework as:

  • improved life chances for people of all ages, through learning, personal development and active citizenship
  • stronger, more resilient supportive, influential and inclusive communities.

The strategic guidance forms part of the Scottish Government’s programme of public service reform. In particular the guidance is closely linked with key aspects of the current review of Community Planning arrangements in Scotland, and the development of the Community Empowerment and Regeneration Bill.

Who is the guidance for, and what does it say?

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The guidance is addressed to Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs). However, it has much wider relevance and is for all those involved in planning, managing or delivering CLD services or using a CLD approach to support individuals and communities.

  • It describes how CLD delivers government policy outcomes in communities.
  • It clarifies the Scottish Government's expectations of Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) and other public sector partners for how CLD services should be delivered.
  • It highlights the role of CLD in public service reform and in delivering the outcomes of the current Review of Community Planning.
  • It re-emphasises the Government’s commitment to CLD's aims and describes how these will be part of an overall strategic approach to be taken forward by a range of partners including Government itself, Education Scotland and the CLD Standards Council.

Implementing the strategic guidance

Education Scotland is developing a framework for implementation of the strategic guidance. Read about how Education Scotland will work with partners to implement the strategic guidance.

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