Community learning and development

CLD plans

Each local authority in Scotland must work with partners and communities to publish a CLD plan every three years. View plans published on 1 September 2015.

About the CLD workforce

Findings from the 'Working with Scotland's Communities' research into staff and volunteers in community learning and development.

First Minister recognises the contribution of CLD

In recent speeches and documents, Nicola Sturgeon has recognised the contribution that community learning and development makes to the work of Scottish Government.

CLD practice

Information on the main community learning and development practice areas.

Professional learning

Professional learning is key to effective community learning and development.

Latest CLD news

  1. A new report reveals how CLD partners make a valuable contribution to the planning and delivery of CfE in the Senior Phase.

  2. The UK National Agency for the Erasmus+ programme has produced brochures for tailored information on sector-specific funding opportunities for the Erasmus+ programme.

  3. This course provides an overview of the purpose, priorities and expected impact of the European Union’s funding programme Erasmus+: Youth in Action.

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