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chez mimi

How good is your French? Join the residents of Chez Mimi who have some great games for you to play to help improve your knowledge of French.

Even if you are a complete beginner there will be a game in Chez Mimi for you. Play the games, collect the tokens and see if you can make it into the Chez Mimi Top Ten. Bonne Chance!

This web site is based on the Channel 4 television series Chez Mimi. The site has been designed to complement the television series and uses the same setting and characters as the television programmes.

The Chez Mimi web site has been designed to enhance language learning in as fun a way as possible. The web site has not been designed as a full language course; instead the site concentrates on key areas such as family relationships, food, weather, colours and clothing.


The material has been designed primarily for later primary pupils, but some of the games could be used to introduce or reinforce vocabulary for younger and older pupils too. All the games have been designed to complement the Scottish curriculum. Most of the games have three levels allowing for progression.

How the site works

The emphasis of the site is for users to have fun. Through the use of games, users have a visual, audio, and interactive experience in another language. Instructions are given in English so that users clearly understand what each game involves before they start playing. All the games can be used by individuals; however they could also be used for group work or indeed with a whole class. Translations of the vocabulary used in each game is contained within the Knowledge Area. There is also a text only version of this area.


On completion of each game users will be awarded tokens; the number of tokens awarded will depend on how successfully the game has been played. Users can save their scores in their own token album.

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