Abolition of the Slave Trade

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These pictures show primary evidence - texts, drawings, paintings and artefacts - from this period of history which can enhance your knowledge of the slave trade and the abolitionist movement.

You can re-use most of the images for your work but a few are for viewing only; it explains on the pages if they are restricted.

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Image of the Josiah Wedgwood anti-slavery image

Abolitionist logo

Illustration of the Bance Island slaving fort

Slaving fort

Image of slave sale poster

Slave sale poster

Painting of Robert Burns

Robert Burns

Image of David Spens document

David Spens document

Portrait painting of the Glassford family - their black servant was painted out

Glassford family

Image of a Manumission document

Manumission document

Illustration of slaves being thrown overboard into the sea

Drowning slaves

Image of the book Olaudah Equiano wrote telling about his experiences as a slave

Equiano's book

Illustration of the palaver – trading for slaves with a local chief

The Palaver

Extract from a old newspaper advertising slaves for sale

Slave sale advert

Painting of the Reverend Robert Walker skating on Duddingston Loch

Reverend Walker

Abolitionists' diagram of a slave ship

Slave ship diagram

Photograph of the irons used to shackle a slave

Slave irons

Painting of a revolt on a slave ship

Slave ship revolt

Old illustration of a slave ship

Slave ship

Image of the hold of a slave ship

Slave ship hold

Illustration of shackled slaves on a slave ship

Slaves going on ship

Engraving of slave dealers in Africa with shackled men, women and children

Enslaved people

Illustration of the wooden yokes used to link captured Africans together

Wooden yoke